How to Use Oils

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AROMATICALLY One of the fastest and easiest ways to use essential oils is to simply smell the oil. Within 22 seconds of inhaling an essential oil the molecules have reached your brain. Whether you are using a diffuser, smelling straight from the bottle, adding drops of oil to diffuser jewelry or a simple cotton ball the effect achieved is the same.

INTERNALLY The white label bottles, labeled as Vitality oils, are oils that are safe and approved for internal use. You can fill empty vegetable capsules with a few drops along with a carrier oil and swallow to support various body systems. Spice things up in your kitchen by adding essential oils to your favorite recipes in place of traditional spices and herbs. A couple drops will do the trick! The internal use of essential oil can be one of the most beneficial and rewarding ways to use your essential oils when used as directed.

TOPICALLY When used topically, it takes about 2 minutes for essential oils to make it to your bloodstream and after 20 minutes they have affected every cell in your body. Start slow and use 1-2 drops to begin. Some of the more common areas of application are behind the ears, temples, crown of head, wrists, neck and feet. Always refer to the label when using an essential oil for the first time. It's a good idea to have a carrier oil nearby to dilute if necessary.