September Newsletter

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From monthly promos to our oil of the month to recipes and diffuser blends, all the great things for September are right here at your fingertips, and they are not to be missed!


Every month this generous company loads us up with free items simply for being loyal customers. We purchase items we’d be buying anyway - toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, makeup, supplements and cleaning supplies, etc - from Young Living, and we not only get amazing, high quality products that are safe for our families, we get free products, free shipping, delivery to our doorstep and product credits galore!

100pv With any order (Subscribe to Save or one time shop order) of 100PV or more you will receive a FREE SHIPPING!!! You worry about creating a wonderful health routine and let Young Living cover the cost of your deliveries!

190pv With any order (Subscribe to Save or one time shop order) of 190PV or more, you’ll receive a free LEMON VITALITY, CITRUS FRESH VITALITY, and DIGIZE VITALITY!! If your order is a Subscribe to Save order (previously Essential Rewards) you’ll also receive a free ORANGE VITALITY and COPAIBA VITALITY! Retail value: $76.31

250pv With any order of 250PV, you’ll receive a free LAVENDER LEMONADE VITALITY DROPS, ENDOFLEX VITALITY, LONGEVITY VITALITY and free shipping!! If your order is a Subscribe to Save order (previously Essential Rewards) you’ll also receive a free Orange Vitality and Copaiba Vitality! Retail value: $128.97

300pv With any order of 300PV, you’ll receive a free bottle of LIFE 9 PROBIOTIC, GRAPEFRUIT BERGAMOT VITALITY DROPS and free shipping!! If your order is a Subscribe to Save order (previously Essential Rewards) you’ll also receive a free Orange Vitality and Copaiba Vitality!! Retail value: $167.30

For more details and ways to use these incredible free oils, see the ‘Monthly Gift with Purchase’ and ‘How to Use’ resources!


Ready, Set Red!! September is all about creating great health habits, specifically using our beloved NingXia Red! Join us this month as we use the following products daily to support our health and wellness as we head into the fall and winter!

  • Tangerine essential oil: To calm, focus & uplift! $17.25
  • NingXia Red, 2pack: For overall health & energy. $76
  • NingXia Nitro: For energy & mental clarity. $41.25
  • AminoWise: For muscle support & recovery. $35
  • ImmuPower essential oil blend: To support the immune system. $67
  • Clove essential oil: Antioxidant support + yummy diffuser blends! $16.50

For more check out the September Essentials Resource!


NingXia Red Gummies are a kids (and an adult’s!!) best friend - especially as we head into the cooler months! All the goodness and nutrition of NingXia Red in a super convenient dosage form!

  • 1/2 cup 100% apple juice (grape or orange would work as well)
  • 2&1/2 envelopes gelatin (1&½ oz)
  • 3 Tbsp honey
  • 1/2 cup NingXia Red
  • 6 drops Orange Vitality oil (Lemon or Lime would be good too)
  • Silicone molds
  • Optional: a few droppersful of Citrus CBD

Add juice to a small saucepan. Add gelatin, and whisk. Heat on low to medium-low heat, whisking constantly, until no longer grainy and is a thin viscosity (it will start opaque and turn clear).

Remove from heat, and whisk in honey. Whisk until mixture cools a bit; then add NingXia Red and Orange oil. (Waiting until it cools helps protect the essential oil's beneficial properties.)

Use a clean medicine dosing syringe or other small dropper to fill molds. If you have extra mixture, you can put it in a glass pan. Refrigerate 1 hour or until firm.

For details and tips for use, check out the September DIY Resource!


Tangerine essential oil has a sweet citrus scent that can create a happy, contented mindset when diffused. This versatile oil is wonderful for the emotions, helps purify the air of odors, promotes healthy hair and skin, and smells wonderful in so many diffuser blends! Taken internally, it offers a fresh, sweet, citrus flavor and can provide digestive, lymphatic, and immune support. This is an oil we definitely want in our homes and in our bodies!


  • Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to your soles for happy feet and circulation.
  • Add to your car vent diffuser or a cotton ball stashed under the seats for an uplifting scent while you commute.
  • Give a glass of lemonade a twist by adding 1-2 drops of Tangerine Vitality.
  • Add 1-2 drops of Tangerine Vitality to your daily NingXia Red!
  • Add a few drops each of Tangerine and Tea Tree to your daily shampoo and massage into your scalp for a sweet, tingly sensation.
  • Use its cleansing benefits in your morning skin care routine for an added boost.
  • Apply it to your temples before study time or meditation to promote feelings of calm and focus

For more, check out the Oil Spotlight: Tangerine resource!! Let’s create healthy habits and healthy homes together!


As the gatekeepers of our homes we have such a great opportunity to bring in healthy products and create healthy habits for ourselves and families! Join us this month as we switch out sugary, stimulant-laden drinks for the natural energy of NingXia Nitro!


  • Supports alertness
  • Promotes cognitive fitness
  • Supports physical fitness
  • Great source of Iodine

For more about this incredible product, check out the Ditch & Switch: NingXia Nitro resource, then join us this month as we make this simple switch this month!!


AminoWise is our favorite supplement for recovery after workouts -- think of this as a natural Gatorade! It is a wolfberry lemonade-flavored drink mix that contains branched-chain amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals to provide the nutrients you need to optimize your workout recovery. AminoWise enhances muscle performance, reduces fatigue, and supports muscles during and after exercise using a triple-targeted formula that features branched-chain amino acids, premium essential oils, antioxidants, and minerals.

For more check out the Supplement Spotlight: AminoWise resource, then join us this month as we support our bodies from the inside out!


We all start at square one with our knowledge of health, but what matters is our willingness to learn and grow! Each month we have a selected list of books and resources to help us do just that.


This collection of diffuser blends is perfect for the changing of seasons and that entails! From blends for a cozy home to immune support to festive aromas, these oils are perfect as we head toward cooler weather!

Our diffusers are running 24/7 in our homes, supporting our immune systems, respiratory systems, emotions, cleansing the air and making things smell divine - all at the same time! Join us this month as we diffuse these favorite blends!

Check out the ‘Diffuser Blends for Fall Wellness’ resource for all the recipes and info!


Cultivating great health doesn’t have to be boring!! Join us this month by filling in this Bingo card as you take daily steps that will have a big impact on your emotional & physical health!!

Check out the September Bingo Card resource for more!